About International Medical Bridge Company

Corporate identity

nternational Medical Bridge is existing for world peace through supporting a medical need and supporting travelers with good hospitalities.
We want to be a bridge between overseas and Japan.
Through the fellowship make the world peace and let you to have happier life than now.

Business purpose

01_International Medical Bridge will produce heart moving tours to enjoy a culture and a history, human’s relationship and fellowship where you visit.
02_International Medical Bridge will produce a medical tour ca3n make you healthier.
03_3) International Medical Bridge produce a tour just for you.


Name of company International Medical Bridge
Address Atelier Yours 403, 1-10-2 Ogawachou, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Zip code 101-0052
Phone & Fax Phone :+81-3-3868-3972 
FAX :+81-3-6271-7924
Representative Nao Hosono 
(Total tour director and medical interpreter)
設立 2018年12月21日
資本金 資本金 800万円
事業内容 ・旅行業
事業免許登録 東京都知事登録旅行業第3-7745号
主要取引銀行 三菱UFJ銀行/三井住友銀行/楽天銀行/足立成和信用金庫

Cooperating medical facilities

  • Cancer institute hospital of JFCR
  • National center for global health and medicine
  • Juntendo University Hospital
  • Kasai cardiology and neurosurgery hospital
  • Tohto clinic
  • Nishidai clinic diagnostic imaging center
  • Tokyo cell clinic
  • Tokyo midtown clinic
  • Omotesando Helene Clinic


Contact us

Please feel free to ask. By telephone or mail form.


Open Mon.-Fri. 10:00 to 18:00 JST. Weekends and holidays are closed.