Steps of apply and treatment

1 Reservation To contact

We are preparing a form for the reservation on the web site.
The form is available to read and answer in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.
Please use e-mails to contact us.

2 Conditions

After you sent us the e-mail, we will ask him/her about his/her condition right now by using of the interview sheets.(※)
You need to fill the medical interview sheet.
If you are attending a hospital or hospitals, please send us his/her examination data materials for example such as x-ray, MRI, CT scan etc.

(※)The following is are example.

  • The interview sheet is asking your medical history.
  • Such as your disease and surgery if you had.
  • Same time we want to know what type of medical service you want to have.

3 Suggestions

According to the interview sheet we will find the medical support where to treat and when to treat. At the time we will find out the cost of his/her plan.

4 Apply with formal documents

After you understood the statement and our plan which we present, we want you to fill formal documents.
Also please let us know need visa or not.
If your answer is yes, we can help for visa to stay in Japan for medical treatments.

5 Payment

We would like you to pay that amount into our bank account.
After we receive from you, we will arrange your medical treatment schedule.

6 Arriving to Japan

If you need an interpreter or a secretary, please let us know.

7 Treatment

During you are staying in Japan, you may go to hospital to have a human dock and medical treatment.
At the time, interpreter will be with you at the hospital.

8 After the medical treatment

We will send him/her a medical data which he/she took at the hospitals.
It is also available to continue the medical treatment in Japan if he/she want to.
In the case we are preparing the support system.

Contact us

Please feel free to ask. By telephone or mail form.


Open Mon.-Fri. 10:00 to 18:00 JST. Weekends and holidays are closed.