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Medical program

human dock

Human dock

In Japan, one of the most cause of death is cancer that is about 30% of all.
According to the medical research, people get cancer through the parent line and from your lifestyle such as eating habit. Comparing the two of them lifestyle is more cause to be cancer than parent line. Timely medical examination is a big chance to find you cancer early time.

Plan for anti-aging

Plan for anti-aging

Latest medical support and Anti-Aging.
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Tour plan

Tour plan

Where deity of matchmaking lives course
(From Tokyo to Izumo Taisha Shrine)

In this plan, starting from Tokyo and go to Shimane. On the way to get Shimane will stop Nagano, Gifu, Hukui, and Tottori.
Tottori sand dunes are known as number one dune in Japan.
Shimane is known as the holy place of matchmaking. Famous deity of matchmaking is enshrined in the Izumo-Taisha. Izumo-Taisha is very famous for spiritual place. The Izumo region in Shimane prefecture, which features in Japanese mythology, is home to Izumo-Taisha, a shrine with a remarkably long history. On the way to get Izumo stop by many places and enjoy meals, hotels, hot-spring, and so on. Last day of the trip, number one Japanese garden is waiting. Adachi-art museum gardens have ranked at number one.

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