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The reason Japan has the advanced medical system

Japan is facing to a rapidly aging population compare to other Asian countries. Japan is aiming an aging society with good health using an advanced medical technology. A Specifically Japanese medical technology trying to find cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke, and others at an early stage. To find the cause of disease earlier help you to live longer with healthy body. An aging society “100 years old in good health” is the target of Japan.
Just after world war ⅡJapan stated to develop doctors. Many medical students are sent to other countries to learn an advanced knowledge. Doctors made fellowship and share their knowledge helped to grow each other. It is keep doing. That is why Japanese medical society is the world class.

General medicine

Japanese medical system is called world class. It is not just excellent machines and technics.
Japanese hospital think from preventive medicine to rehabilitation is on one line. This thought of general medicine is an important. To find a cause of sick as soon as possible, during of treatment, after care of you were healed, this is one line. Many people and section take care the patient moment by moment. Nurses, doctors, dietitian, physical therapist, pharmacist are share the information about the patient. Workers of Japanese hospital is one big team for patient. “medical team” is the reason of that Japanese hospital is called world class hospital.

Minimally invasive medicine

Hospital quality is growing world widely. Patient request not just treatment of disease or sickness. Hospital need to think minimum invasive medical care is necessary. Many departments are rapid growing for minimum invasive treatment in Japanese hospital.

Immune cell therapy

Not small number of patients who had a surgery and radiational therapy are become cancer again. It is necessary to take away the cancer stem cell perfectly. There are one million cancer cells in one centimeter. Immune system works molecular level.

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