Course and plan Human dock course

Human dock course

At the International Medical Bridge, we offer a variety of suggestions in addition to regular checkups, including cutting-edge tests that are useful for early detection and detection of small cancers that are difficult to detect by imaging tests, such as pancreatic cancer and breast cancer, which have little or no subjective symptoms in their early stages and are progressing unconsciously.
Follow-Up is also provided after the medical examination. In the unlikely event that an abnormality is found in the medical examination and a medical examination or a second opinion is required, we arrange the medical examination so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Course lineup

  • Basic human dock: no PET scan
  • Special human dock: PET scan
  • Premium course: PET scan

※In case you use an interpreter, he/she needs to pay extra-cost. In case you need more information ask our staff.

Full supported course

  1. To find hospital which he/she needs and arrange the date.
  2. Payment agency service
  3. Document sheet for specimen and others will be translated to English or Chinese.
  4. Interpreter will be with you at the day.
  5. Documents for result will be written in English or Chinese.
  6. Follow-up system. Our staff will contact you regularly.

*it is also available to make ID card, find a arrange the hotel to stay, pickup and send you to the airport with extra fee.

How it goes


Interview: what course you want to take. to hear that what is your matter of concern.


To bring the document to doctor.


Answering what types of medical check, he/she need and cost.


To fill a formal document sheet after understanding the plan and the payment of cost.


To make plans when you come to Japan.


Reservation for hospital and translate the documents if in need.


Payment agency service to hospital or hospitals.


Orientation before you arrive.


To meet at the airport if you need to.


Interpreter service.


Mail results reports to his/her address.

Contact us

Please feel free to ask. By telephone or mail form.


Open Mon.-Fri. 10:00 to 18:00 JST. Weekends and holidays are closed.